The Barrie Williams Challenge 2013

This event came to my notice about two weeks before the actual event – that short notice! I found out that it was organised by the Wolverhampton Racing and Cycling Club

Went down there and questioned them about the sportive and found out it was 62 mile loop with the Start/Finish at Pattingham. The good thing is that I know Pattingham, it the village I have been riding through to Cosford for awhile now.  Add to that I have one 64 mile ride under the belt in 4:30 hours.

The GPX file can be downloaded here:

For Garmin users here:

Triban Owners bikes with Whitney in the middle. Check Point 1

Barrie Williams 2013

Barrie Williams 2013

A very wet and muddy Whitney at the end of 58,5 miles at the finish.

Members of the Triban Owners Forum at Check Point 1. A very courageous lady on her first 62 mile ride. She did brilliantly!

Barrie Williams 2013

Barrie Williams 2013

Check Point 1 – So many bikes and some are already gone!

Barrie Williams 2013

This will be an annal event for me from now on. Proof that I completed it!

What’s left of the card after all that rain. See I finished it!!!

Barrie Williams 2013

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