Shropshire Highlands Challenge 2015

Planned this ride from last year, one of the first to register and failed to complete the ride all because a farmer’s dog cut across me, causing a tremendous crash!

I did a serious face plant – helmet damaged but it saved me from further injuries. Damaged my front teeth, lost an incisor from the gum line. Suffered some back injury. I think I fell on the right side, face first then right lower arm right at the elbow badly buried.

This happened 20 miles from the first check point, Newcastle-on-the-clun. This was on the decent into Cum. Damn silly farmer on an ATV quad with two dogs circling him as he roared up the hill with cyclist on the right speeding down. I tried to aim between the dogs, braking as I did so. One dog decided at that moment to cut across me and zap! I hit and over the handlebars I went!

The two ladies I was riding with and a number of chaps where a great help getting me back on the bike. I washed out my bleeding mouth, but it was the pain in the back that did me in and pain in the left wrist. It didn’t even come to me that I had really badly injured my month and lost a tooth until I got home.

So its two weeks now since. The dentist is charging £235 to do a root canal and crown. Root canal done and it wasn’t as bad as I had feared. Been in mild pain most of the time. Been on the bike this week for the first time. I have to be careful with back movement or I will feel a jab of pain on the right lower back but its going away I think. The pain in the right wrist is still present and I have to be careful using the hand.

Just started to brush my front teeth properly. The crowning is next week. That dog really has cost my a pretty penny. Most of all I hate not finishing the sportive.

The Sportive

Black Mtns Brecon Beacons-X2

As for the sportive it self. That was an experience! It was a good thing I had studied the route as to my astonishment there where no arrows! Yep none whatsoever. I guess I did see a mention of that somewhere but it hadn’t registered until on the ride.

Some people got lost, no doubt about it. Following my pre-loaded Garmin 510 even I got off course too. Came across a fork and took the wrong side. Didn’t realise until I saw a group coming back I was off-course – I hadn’t gone that far for the Garmin to yell at me it seems. This happened in Elton and Burrington.


The climb to Hobarris was hard. Many walked, I stayed on and was able to reach the top without dismount. I doubt very much that I could have done that for the next climb after the check point – the so called top of the world.

My company from Burrington was tremendous, Sue I remember her name, can’t remember the other lady. Sue I think is into repair of antique clocks and she actually lives in Newcastle-on-the-clun. She knew the route and the area so I stuck with them. So wish I could had done so to the end of the ride. Thanks ladies, I enjoyed our time together.

My Ronnie parked in the middle (Ford S-Max)

So will I do this next year? Well, yes I will! The climbs are straight from hell but the descents are amazing, dangerous but fantastic fun. Just make sure that you have new front brake pads.

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