Great Manchester Cycle 2013

This was the beginning of my amateur cycling career! The event was attended by thousands of cyclists and I was one of them!!! My Whitney did well without any problems whatever. Had a check over the bike on Thursday by Decathlon and all was well. Manchester was a evil combination of sun and clouds, warm a bit and then cold – never stable, yet it was an ok day and better than having rain!

Rode the 26 miles class – I Rule The Roads. Had issues with the Garmin – start/stop was very nervous. Started it after going some distance. Wonderful race, ton loads of people. Wind was strong with sun peeking out occasionally. Two serious crashes. Started out with the leaders but got dropped after the first attack of cramps in both calf muscles. Had to stop three times and lost serious time. Yet finished within the target time I set for myself, wish was 50 minutes per lap. Cramps was a result of the 2 hour drive to Manchester.





Well what can I say? Famous Emmadale actress.

I will be back for next year and I will be on the 26 miles and this time I will make good time!

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