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My Celine – Cube Agree GTO 2014 Mod 2.0

My Celine – Cube Agree GTC 2014. Got it from Leisure Lakes for £899  (rrp £1299). Full carbon frame with Shimano Tiagra groupset wih Fulcrum 77 Racing wheels and Schwalbe Lugano tyres.

Got this with my replacement money from the lawyers some time after the crash.

Mod 1.7

New wheels! I had wanted to get Mavic Cosmic 30mm wheelset but could not afford them, so settled for the Fulcrum Quattro 35mm wheelset. They really look good on Celine, so this is a major upgrade but just under a full revision of the original specification of the bike; that makes this a .7 designation (Mod 1.7).

Celine Mod 1.7 2015

Almost forgot about the saddle there. Its the Romin Evo Expert Gel with layer 2 padding. At first I thought that would be too much but the layer 1 was just not enough! It’s worked out perfectly and is highly recommended. So far covered over 200 miles with two 63 miles rides and it’s worked out very comfortable. May 2015

Mod 2.0

Well the final transformation is here. Full upgrade to Shimano Ultegra 6800 groupset. Bit of a problem though as the Cube uses a press fit BB and the groupset acquired from Wiggle came with a regular bottom bracket. The other little issue was the front derailleur. It came as a braze-on, the Cube frame required a band. So had to get a band on adapter.

Celine Mod 2.0

So whats next you might ask? Well I intend to change the handlebars to a Easton EA70 road handlebar. I am using a EA50 on Whitney (Btwin Triban 7). It is ergonomic, with straight drops that don’t hurt my fingers. I have carpal tunnel in both wrists and this handlebar works out the best for me. So upgrading to the EA70 for Celine is a necessity. To be honest I hate the so called Cube road bar wing racing – who thinks up these names? The curve of the drops is just painful for me. They have to go!

Will get another wheelset, the Mavic Ksyrium Elite S (something light to climb hills!) and most likely a carbon wheelset in the future, all clinchers.

Cycling, Exercise, Tummy Re-Shaped

It’s been four years of cycling now. With just one long period of been off the bike in 2014 for six months. I was 120kgs with a 42 inch waist. I went down to 85-90 kg and 36 inch waist – had to get rid of all my trousers!

Then the crash, by the time I was back on the bike my waist had gone up to 38 kg and I was around 95 kg. This is how I look now in June 2015 :

June 2015

June 2015

Hopefully by Christmas my six pack will clearing be seen! I know this may have groused you out but I need to keep a record. You should had seen me before cycling. It was one tummy all the way up to the boobs (man boobs that is lol).

The sides have gone in, the round bulge has dropped lower and there is a look of what is to come! Currently working on 70 setups. Use to do 45 sits and 52 push ups but since the crash negative on the push ups because of the broken shoulder. I was doing 50 lady push ups and that’s now 10 proper push ups.

Oh along with cycling commute which is 20 miles for the day two days a week some times three days. Been increasing the miles on Sundays, so far up to 64 miles every other week.

Serious Bike Crash in Walsall

Sometime, you have to pay for someone’s mistake, it seems it was my turn. July 2014, around 16:00 hours, I am clocking up the miles from work, on my usual 10 mile circuit, into the fifth mile on a major A road and a taxi cuts across the road (a minor road) and wipes me out, literally.

Head over heels. Poor Whitney (my Triban 7 Decathlon bike) went flying like a kite while I hit the passenger side of the taxi and then the ground. The ladies of the beauty saloon Cuttingit where so kind to keep me safe in the road. They kept the traffic away from me, called the Police and even took on the taxi driver!

I ended up with two fractured ribs, busied lungs, a broken right shoulder and fractured sternum. I could had died! What was that idiot thinking?

This is an x-ray of my shoulder some time in August:


This is what it looked like in September, just before the hospital decided to do surgery.


So, into hospital I went for about another three days. I had I think what was called a keyhole surgery. The staff did a great job on me. Took a tendon from the left inside leg and tried up the bones of the right shoulder, literally. Saw some colour photographs once at a checkup – disgusting looking holes!

Check these photographs:



That’s me with my wounds of cyclist vs taxi!


75 Miles Milestone

I did 76 miles on Sunday 27th July. My milestone for the year! Now to do 80 miles then a 100! Here’s the proof! It was hard work but not too hard. Clive road hill, Westbeech Road hill, Shireoaks and another short sharp climb in Brown Hills were the test of the day, but it wasn’t about speed it was all about distance and pacing myself. I am happy with 5 hours 14 minutes. For 64 miles (100KM) my normal time is 4 hours 30 minutes so I am more than happy with this time. Barrie Williams Challenge 2014 here I come!

Clive Road Hill foot

The beginning of Clive Road, about to meet the hill!


Clive Road Pub

Clive Road pub on the other side of the rood with the sign above.

The top of Clive Road Hill

Top of Clive Road Hill

This is the top of the hill. It’s between 7 and 8 am and the sun is a bit late out. See that dip in the road? it only gets worse as you follow it down. The thing is its not that long. Can’t see why people have to scare you about this one. The Clint Hill road is far more deadly because its a long haul to the top.

Westbeech Road

This is a longer climb than the Clive but not that sharp nor unbearable.



Cosford RAF

Made it to Cosford in record time.


Shireoaks Academy

Shireoaks Academy

Top of the climb for Lichfield road. Now this is one to bear in mind and leave something back for! A banana at the top of the hill came in just fine!

New Handlebar and Tape

I was having issues with my bar tape unravelling (poor workmanship from the local bike shop – not Decathlon I must note). So I ordered Fizik Performance Handlebar Tape (White) from Leisure Lakes website, it never turned up! So went to Decathlon and got the Micro Fibre Bar Tape (White). I also got the Easton E50 handlebar for £40. Thanks Dan for your beautiful work!

Climb Clint Hills

On Sunday 4th of May I joined the Wolverhampton Wheeler Cycling Club on their Classic ride to Clint Hills via Kinver. I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. My trusty B’TWIN T7 (Whitney) had been fully upgraded to 105 specifications and the last thing done was a new 105 chain, Bottom Bracket and Crank. So with my last 50 miles under my belt I said why not?

Strava Link

Heck those hills are steep!!! I was once more the last man at the end of the group to ride in at the cafe on the peak of the last hill. What a view!

2014-05-04 11.55.37

2014-05-04 11.54.04

2014-05-04 11.53.59

2014-05-04 11.53.47

2014-05-04 11.55.41

I was also mostly the last man on the way home too. Yet  I was able to get home with 64 miles under the belt.

2014-05-04 14.46.03 HDR

Saw this on the way home, just outside Wolverhampton built up area. Nice of them to pose for me.

Spring Series 2014 – Cannon Hill Extreme

This was an unusual ride for me. I wasn’t stretched due to riding with my mate. We both at the end of the pack. Such beautiful country side in the area surrounding Birmingham. Really good ride and well organised with timely directions. 


Clarence and myself along with fellow cyclists at Umberslade Farm Park. 


My upgraded Whitney (my Triban 7) with 105 groupset.


September 2013

Was riding the Barrie Williams Challenge 2013 route when I came across a wide trail of cow shit across the road in a sharp corner a bit from Levedale on the Levedate road towards Bradley. I was actually speeding through the corner and got caught in the shit! Lost the rear wheel (they were Schwalbe Lugano tyres) and went head over heels off the bike! I don’t know how but I did knock my head on the ground at least once. I was a good distance from the bike when I looked around. Nice chap who I had passed just moments ago on a MTB helped me up and out of the shit.


This is why it’s vitally important to have a good helmet on when cycling! Also, have a mobile phone too. I was able to call a mate to pick me up. A very good mate too, as I was covered all over with cow shit! Three weeks off week that cost me! Another thing to have on long rides is a first aid kit. This is what I had in my saddle bag (another important item not to leave home without):

Masterplast Compact First Aid Kit

Masterplast Compact First Aid Kit

At only £1.30 plus free delivery you can’t argue with that!Only to be found on Amazon for that price:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B003JZ0KM6/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A33EWFX0HR9EQ I have seen numerous first aid kits on the internet, from Wiggle, Evans Cycles and others both cyclist specific and general purpose that can fit in a saddle bag. None though at the great price. I was very happy I had it with me, as I was able to clean my wound (I had to, it was shit in the cuts!) and bandage it until I got home.

The knee had remained swollen for weeks. Limped around the first two weeks with a cane. Even now occasionally I am limping and still feel pain in the knee. I guess the second accident is the may cause of that. Yes there was a second accident about a month after Levedale.


This is the left side of my bum. Nasty large bruise that took a long while to heal. No time off work this time. Had to suck it up and get on with it. This injury was the result of my front wheel getting caught in the tram lines in Bilston. It taught me a very important lesson where tram lines are concerned. Cyclist make sure your heads are screwed on when riding over these things! I landed on my injured knee then the bum. Slid for a short distant hence the bruise. The tights was damage bad enough not to wear again which is surprising when you think about the bruise I got. It took me a while to get up and pull my bike out of the road. Traffic was almost non existent  as it was an early Sunday morning, but there was a tram approaching from ahead. He actually stopped and asked if I was okay which off course I said yes.

This injury proved the undoing of my recovery of the previous injury and I think I may be carrying this one to the grave. The knee is still weak, I suspect the ligaments took a bashing on both accidents hence the long road to recovery. I am back on the bike nonetheless but taking it easy and slowly. So far the longest distance ridden is 30 miles and that was just yesterday – 29th December 2013.

Garmin 510 GPS Cycle Computer

It’s been sometime now that I have gotten the Garmin 510 Team Bundle Blue (since June 2013). It replaces the iPhone with the Panobike Speed/Cadence sensor and Cyclemeter.

The Garmin 510 bundle including all fittings, sensors and power.

The actual computer makes me feel like a pro:

So far I have found it not easy to set this up to my liking, but I have done it. I love the data this thing throws in your face. Add to the fact that you can actually navigate with it by preparing the route on sites such as http://ridewithgps.com/ making sure you create cue sheets and save the route to a TCX file format (Garmin file format actually). You can get on the bike and ride! No detail maps though not on the 510 but direction arrows with time and distance along with street names too. Just amazing!

What I love about the bundle is that you get the out front holder too. This thing by itself cost £35! It’s just ahead of the bike cockpit right where you are looking anyway. Just the perfect position.

This is the reason why I choose the Garmin 510 instead of the 500. The idea that I can be traced by my family was a deal breaker.