Cycling, Exercise, Tummy Re-Shaped

It’s been four years of cycling now. With just one long period of been off the bike in 2014 for six months. I was 120kgs with a 42 inch waist. I went down to 85-90 kg and 36 inch waist – had to get rid of all my trousers!

Then the crash, by the time I was back on the bike my waist had gone up to 38 kg and I was around 95 kg. This is how I look now in June 2015 :

June 2015

June 2015

Hopefully by Christmas my six pack will clearing be seen! I know this may have groused you out but I need to keep a record. You should had seen me before cycling. It was one tummy all the way up to the boobs (man boobs that is lol).

The sides have gone in, the round bulge has dropped lower and there is a look of what is to come! Currently working on 70 setups. Use to do 45 sits and 52 push ups but since the crash negative on the push ups because of the broken shoulder. I was doing 50 lady push ups and that’s now 10 proper push ups.

Oh along with cycling commute which is 20 miles for the day two days a week some times three days. Been increasing the miles on Sundays, so far up to 64 miles every other week.

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