Serious Bike Crash in Walsall

Sometime, you have to pay for someone’s mistake, it seems it was my turn. July 2014, around 16:00 hours, I am clocking up the miles from work, on my usual 10 mile circuit, into the fifth mile on a major A road and a taxi cuts across the road (a minor road) and wipes me out, literally.

Head over heels. Poor Whitney (my Triban 7 Decathlon bike) went flying like a kite while I hit the passenger side of the taxi and then the ground. The ladies of the beauty saloon Cuttingit where so kind to keep me safe in the road. They kept the traffic away from me, called the Police and even took on the taxi driver!

I ended up with two fractured ribs, busied lungs, a broken right shoulder and fractured sternum. I could had died! What was that idiot thinking?

This is an x-ray of my shoulder some time in August:


This is what it looked like in September, just before the hospital decided to do surgery.


So, into hospital I went for about another three days. I had I think what was called a keyhole surgery. The staff did a great job on me. Took a tendon from the left inside leg and tried up the bones of the right shoulder, literally. Saw some colour photographs once at a checkup – disgusting looking holes!

Check these photographs:



That’s me with my wounds of cyclist vs taxi!