75 Miles Milestone

I did 76 miles on Sunday 27th July. My milestone for the year! Now to do 80 miles then a 100! Here’s the proof! It was hard work but not too hard. Clive road hill, Westbeech Road hill, Shireoaks and another short sharp climb in Brown Hills were the test of the day, but it wasn’t about speed it was all about distance and pacing myself. I am happy with 5 hours 14 minutes. For 64 miles (100KM) my normal time is 4 hours 30 minutes so I am more than happy with this time. Barrie Williams Challenge 2014 here I come!

Clive Road Hill foot

The beginning of Clive Road, about to meet the hill!


Clive Road Pub

Clive Road pub on the other side of the rood with the sign above.

The top of Clive Road Hill

Top of Clive Road Hill

This is the top of the hill. It’s between 7 and 8 am and the sun is a bit late out. See that dip in the road? it only gets worse as you follow it down. The thing is its not that long. Can’t see why people have to scare you about this one. The Clint Hill road is far more deadly because its a long haul to the top.

Westbeech Road

This is a longer climb than the Clive but not that sharp nor unbearable.



Cosford RAF

Made it to Cosford in record time.


Shireoaks Academy

Shireoaks Academy

Top of the climb for Lichfield road. Now this is one to bear in mind and leave something back for! A banana at the top of the hill came in just fine!

New Handlebar and Tape

I was having issues with my bar tape unravelling (poor workmanship from the local bike shop – not Decathlon I must note). So I ordered Fizik Performance Handlebar Tape (White) from Leisure Lakes website, it never turned up! So went to Decathlon and got the Micro Fibre Bar Tape (White). I also got the Easton E50 handlebar for £40. Thanks Dan for your beautiful work!