Cycle Update 2013

Well its been almost two years now of cycling, guess that makes me a committed cyclist! I have changed or more likely merged over to road cycling. The Rockrider 8.0 has had a changed of tires in August 2012, the rear tire was almost smooth, the front has a good amount of wear let in it. These are the original tires that came with the bike. They are the mountain bike off-road 2.0 tires. Very good I must say. Well changed both. Using the Decathlon branded tires for on and off-road use – 1.75. With the same tubes too! I have done my fastest speed this week off the hill in Wednesbury –  34.74 mph. I couldn’t get over 32 mph with the other tires. weight has change too. I have to get a road bike! I have clocked just under 3000 miles – 2925 miles to date. Took the car in for service and they tell me there are faint cracks in the rear tires due to the car been standing still too long! Now just think of that, you just can’t win!

Service new 1.75 tires

2012 service with new 1.75 Decathlon tires

I haven’t changed anything else on my trusty steed. I am thinking of a Churd mudguard. Haven’t gotten round to it yet. Guess I haven’t been messed up badly enough to get one. Although I came close last week when my mate and I went to Sandwell Valley. I am so angry with myself for not taking any pictures then. Its a beautiful place to cycle or ride a horse too – there was a lot of err cowboys 😉 there. Next time might just might get the mudguard, it has to be a Crud Race-Pac and white.


I actually got a new helmet. The Decathlon one was getting tatty and worn. So I got a Specialized Echelon II 2013 model. Its really cool and it maybe heavy according to some reviews but compared to my old one its really light. Oh it reflects light too, although I don’t know how that works.

My Specialize Echelon II

Love the work Team Sky has done in 2012. They have really put cycling in the forefront for the UK. Sir Bradly Wiggins and Lord Mark Cavendish (and he really should have been knighted too) are my undying heroes.

Cav and Wiggo