Its been ages since my last update! Winter is here, hard drive prices gone right out the roof! Still riding, although I am worried about the car. The battery almost didn’t start the car the other morning – I only drive it three times a week now. I just can’t stop riding – I love the new body!!! At 83kg and loving it. So long dark nights are on us, hence the title lights.

I don’t work a lot so with a budget of no more than £30 I am really shopping around for the best value. The Cateye brand got my hopes up. So I got the UNO 1 Opticube EL101. It has a single LED. The chap at the local bike shop said when asked to compare it with the EL135 – Its the one that will allow you to see, the other to be seen.

Cateye UNO 1 Opticube

I must say I am not happy with it at all! I would say its to be seen – certainly can’t use this to actally see that will without street lights.

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