First Bike Job

Now this was fun! My son and I had to patch his rear tire – with no prior knowledge! So making use of the iPhone app BikeDoctor, BikeTutor video and a few YouTube videos we got the wheel off without breaking anything!!! My son’s bike is a Trax TFS.1D full suss. We both took turns applying our first patch. Turns out that there were two holes. Must note I wasn’t impressed with the quality of the tube or tire but for a £120 what to expect?

Made use of the following tools:

  • Halfords Large puncture Kit £6 (Which I thought was better than what was offered at Decathlon)
  • Decathlon Multi-tool £6
  • Decathlon Presta Bike Pump £5
  • WD-40 – The bolts holding the rear wheel where rock hard to turn!

The wheel just before we took it off the frame.

First puncture

My son pumping up the tire after the patches.

Wheel Off

My mate gave me an old Paddy Hendricks 3 bike rack on my birthday. Best gift (well next to my wife’s!). Tried to find the instructions for it but the closest I came was for the Mont Blanc CM03/CM03AN. Its got so many bits to it, it made me confused! Anyhow at home today so gave it a go to fit to the car – a Audi A4 2002.

PH bike rack on my Audi A4

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