Commited Cyclist

Commited cyclist I am now. Got the Rockrider 8.0 from the Decatalon Superstore. £399.99 it cost. I had to really pust to do that but I am so happy with my purchase. The chaps there were very helpfull, the bike was setp for my height and I was able to ride all the home on it

Rockrider 8.0

Rockrider 8.0

That’s my new wheels folks! It has the same frame as the 8.1 along with the HD disc brakes, SRAM gears. It is fast! its two weeks now and I have already coverd just over fifty miles without a penny in petrol, along with losing weight and feeling so much better. Awesome.
The bike I really wanted was the RockRider 8.1. It had a splendid review on you should read.

Rockrider 8.1

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