Cycle Fever

Over the last two months I have been engrossed mountain cycling and bikes. Putting aside all things tech I have been searching for the right bike at the £300 price point. I can’t say that this is the best time to buy or the best price point – been a novice at this sport, but I must say that there are so many choices out there.

I have narrowed my search to three bikes:

  • Rockrider 5.3 £300 Decatalon
  • Diamondback Peak HD £350 Local bike shop
  • Carrera Vulcan Disc £299.99 Halfords

I like the looks of the Carrera and it sports the new 7005 aluminium frame but the Rockrider has higher specs. The Peak is really cool and offers the possibility of an easy upgrade to hydraulic brakes but it’s just over my budget. The Rockrider 5.3 is another hardtail. High enough specs full mechanical brakes. Decathalon superstore local and been in there so many times all the staff knows me. So although I hate the white colour scheme it seems to tick most of the boxes.

What do you think?

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