John Ringo

There are a number of writers that I have a deep respect for. Tom Clancy, Larry Bond, Clive Cusller, Dan Abnett, Dale Brown just to name a few. The newest member to this highly distinguished group is John Ringo. Has a former military man, his experience and training is clearly seen in his series The Legacy of the Aldenata. If you love Sci-Fi military fantasy, then this is a must read. It contains eleven books with the first five the main story arc, the others filling out the series.

World in Conflict – PC Game

Whatever happened to WiC – Sierra’s massive World in Conflict RTS game. It was awesome. Don’t take my word for it, check out the following sites – IGN (, GameSpot gave it a score of 9.5 (

It’s fast pace, exciting, challenging but a hog on hardware. Great multiplayer although I do think the single player could be a bit more on the story line – typical 80’s cold war erupting into WW III. Nice touch with Alex Baldwin doing the narration on the part of the original game.

I Am

Well great news I Am! So, lets see, brand new to this. This blog is all about me – yep me. Well my views, opinions, what I think ought to be – simple. I love technology, reading military fiction/non-fiction particularly science fiction stuff. So I will blog about that too. Love first person shooters (FPS) just about as close I will get to the action! So that’s of major interest too, along with strategy games too – the real-time strategy (RTS) version. Although I haven’t caught the bug with Starcraft 2 yet – it’s just to expensive don’t you think? and they are releasing to what amount to add-on packs for full price games, that’s just rubbish!

I have a love for modelling, specifically naval ships. Then there’s mini RC – you have got to love the utility of a 1:28th scale Miniz MR-02 or MR-03 authentic looking Aston Martin! It’s just soo cool and real looking.